History of Carraro & Axle Parts

The History of Carraro ..

The History of Carraro

Carraro Agritalia is an Italian tractor manufacturer & a division of the Carraro Group.

Carraro Group was founded in Campodarsego, Italy in 1910 as Giovanni Carraro.

The division Carraro Agritalia was founded in Rovigo, Italy in 1977.

Carraro Group, founded by Giovanni Carraro, firstly manufactured agricultural seeders in 1932.

The first tractor was built in 1958.

Antonio Carraro separated from his brothers in 1960 to form the Antonio Carraro company.

In 1977 Carraro Group decided to transfer the production of tractors to Rovigo.

reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carraro_Agritalia

History of Carraro ..

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